No project is too big or too small.  Competitive pricing and satisfaction guaranteed. Prices range from $0.07 per word to $1.23 per word, depending on the type of project, and the project size.  From basic web content and blogs to more in-depth articles and white papers, and even research and analysis heavy projects, I can help you put the right words on the page.  Contact me for a detailed quote and turnaround time.

White Papers
When you need an authoritative guide, turn to a professional writer with years of experience to create a readable and informative report.  White papers help customers make informed decisions on products and services.  They are in-depth studies that examine the pros and cons of products available.  They are well researched and organized to provide potential customers with the information necessary to make an informed decision.  Traditionally used as part of the sales collateral provided to offline sales teams, they are becoming more popular for companies selling products online.

Blogs have evolved over the last several years and are now an essential part of any business’ online strategy.  Blogs can give insight into the business, announce new products, alert customers of changes, and generally inform visitors.  When blogs are properly SEO optimized, they also help increase page rankings thereby drawing more visitors to the site.  Developing a relationship with current and potential customers is a must; a well-written blog adds to businesses’ credibility while building a bridge with information.  

Researched Papers
Researched and properly cited and sourced papers are a rarity in today’s online world.  That doesn’t mean that individuals aren’t hungry for actual analysis of available research; it just means that most businesses are not taking the time to examine research (whether medical, economic, social, or scientific) and relate it to their products.  Researched papers that are written in a traditionally academic style that is posted online reflect well on the business and can increase page rankings with search engines.

Essays and Op-Eds must be well-written and, engaging and communicate the message of the author.  A ghost writer weaves together the message with supporting detail to ensure that the overall message is convincing.

Custom Projects of All Types

Have a speech coming up? Video that needs a script? A personal story that needs to be told? Let's work together on your custom writing project.